Haiti – Handwashing Stations

2023-03-01T15:58:03+00:00May 4th, 2018|Projects|

Like many countries, Haiti remains unable to provide improved water access to it population specially children in the remote villages, in kindergarten and in primary schools.  Recently we completed a project for the CEI primary school that currently serves 153 students in grades K-6, led by our own board member Verbo Jean-Julien, who serves as our [...]

Projects Summary

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Currently WWB has formed partnerships with companies on the ground, equipped with the expertise necessary to make our project dreams come alive.  Our organization has many talented people from geologists to engineers to project managers who closely monitor each partner project we do.  WWB has provided hundreds of thousands of people with clean water.  Here [...]

US Projects

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The aftermath of hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wild fires are all instances where Americans were left in dire straits. Some were able to wait for bottled water and supplies to be airlifted to their locations, while others were forced to face yet another crisis – where to get clean water. Natural disasters increase the transmission [...]

The Need – Pikangikum (First Nations Community in Canada)

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Canadian Projects Pikangekum First Nation is a remote Ojibway community approximately 100 kilometers north of Red Lake, Ontario, Canada, near the Manitoba border. Pikangikum can only be accessed by winter roads using a barge across Lake Pikangikum, or by aircraft since no other roads exist. It has approximately 2,400 residents, with over 800 [...]

The Need – Uganda

2023-03-01T15:58:03+00:00October 26th, 2017|Projects|

Many of the schools in the Kasese district of Uganda are currently in need of safe drinking water and improved sanitation and hygiene practises to improve the quality of life for the local children. This area is prone to flash flooding, which further complicates the safety of the local water supply. To begin assisting the [...]

The Need – Nicaragua

2023-03-01T15:58:03+00:00October 26th, 2017|Projects|

This project is focused on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in a community called Bluefields. Approximately 63% of the population in this region lives in “extreme poverty” with public drinking water available in only 64% of the homes. In urban areas, only a quarter of homes have toilets, another 50 % use latrines and 14 [...]

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