Currently WWB has formed partnerships with companies on the ground, equipped with the expertise necessary to make our project dreams come alive.  Our organization has many talented people from geologists to engineers to project managers who closely monitor each partner project we do.  WWB has provided hundreds of thousands of people with clean water.  Here are some highlights:


WHERE: Haiti

WHO: CEI Primary School

HOW: WWBs own board member, Verbo Julien, implemented this project.  WWB purchased and installed a new water tank at the school and also provided landscaping.  In addition, Verbo provided water hygiene education to the 150 primary school students.


WHERE: Hondorus

WHO: Amigos de Jesus Orphanage

HOW: WWB partnered with Villanova University College Junior Civil Engineering where 16 students designed and implemented a water purification system.  No means of disenfection or filtration was being used and it was not uncommon for some of the boys to get sick.  All non-native individuals living or working there were unable to drink the water.  This project helped the 120 orphaned children and staff.


WHERE: Togo Africia

WHO: Batome Primary School

HOW: The children had no clean water source and not restrooms. Children were left to urinate at the back of the building and defecate in their pants, thus leading to human and environmental hazards that eventually lead to illness and in too many cases, death.  WWB with partner ACDev completed a water well and helped furnish sanitary facilities.  583 children including 321 girls and 262 boys were helped and 200 neighbors of the school benefited as well.


WHERE: Jacmel – Haiti

WHO: Family Homes

HOW: For as little as $100.00, you can purchase 600 gallons of clean water to be distributed by DOM Water providing daily water for a 100 families.  Water Without Borders.  Over the years WWB has provide water to hundreds of thousands of families through monthly commitments.


WHERE: Jacmel – Haiti

WHO: Family Homes

HOW: The years of complete devastation between the earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Matthew 2016 left much of Haiti’s water sources contaminated.  Biosand filters are inexpensive, low maintenance, and can last for 30 years. Founder, Frank Evert, went to Haiti to work side by side with Clean Water for Haiti to build, deliver, and install 250 filters sponsored by WWB.