Kimberly Evert Kuhn
President of Water Without Borders

Kimberly has been on the Board of Directors for Water Without Borders since its inception in 2008 by her cousin Franklin Evert. After Franks untimely passing Kimberly was determined to keep his dream alive. During 2016, the Board of Directors voted Kimberly into the role of President at which time she initiated a reorganization of the company. She brings over 20 years of experience in the water industry to the organization along with her extensive experience working passionately with WWB partners and project coordinators. Kimberly is currently overseeing our expansion into Brazil, Nicaragua, Uganda, US Native American Tribal communities, and Canada’s First Nation Communities as well as maintaining our relationships in Haiti and Togo.

Amanda Sills
Vice-President of Water Without Borders

Amanda is a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo) with a Masters Degree in Hydrogeology and over fifteen years of experience working in both consulting and municipal government on water projects. Her specialty is water supply projects that focus on identifying new water supply sources, installing production wells and protecting existing water supplies. Her expertise also includes a strong background in Project Management. She is currently responsible for developing new strategic partnerships to grow our branch offices worldwide. In addition, she oversees the implementation of all projects completed at Water Without Borders in coordination with our Project and Operational Directors. Working with the board of directors and other senior executives of the organization, she plans, develops and enforces policies and objectives for the organization to ensure it maintains its values and meets established goals. Under the direction of the president or board of directors, she manages employees and the day-to-day activities of the organization.

Verbo Jean-Julien
Operations Director for Haiti

Verbo has been involved with Water Without Borders since 2010 when he had the opportunity to sit beside our founder Frank Evert on a plane ride to Port Au Prince. Verbo spoke with Frank about the water issues facing the people of Jacmel, Haiti. Because of this conversation, Frank visited Jacmel during his 2010 visit to Haiti and met with members of the local community including the Vice Mayor of Jacmel Mr. Ronald Andris and the PDG of Dom Water Mr. Philippe Turnier to discuss the issues faced in Jacmel. During this visit, the people of Jacmel were still obtaining their drinking water from the same location that livestock were watered and grazed. Verbo and Frank developed a partnership during this visit to help address the water challenges faced by the local population. Verbo has managed our daily operations in Haiti since then and formally became a board member in 2014. Our partnership with the community of Jacmel has grown extensively since this time and during 2017 Verbo was made the Operational Director for all projects in Haiti. Verbo brings his expertise in international project management to this position and is currently responsible for the design, implementation, community engagement and sustainable development of all projects in Haiti.

Tamra White
Program Director

Tamra is a Family Nurse Practitioner who has worked in Emergency medicine for over 10 years. Her experience includes working with the department of defense in Germany to train, organize and place volunteers onto American bases. Working in primary care she has seen what chronic health conditions can do to a person’s health. Providing fundamental needs such as clean water is the basis of good health and is why she is passionate about both crisis relief and development projects. As our Program Director, she is responsible for all our community outreach including program development, implementing college intern programs and corporate fundraising. She is also responsible for the development of educational programs for school-age children and any subsequent related special events.

Juliana Baitz Viviani
Operations Director for Brazil

Dr. Juliana Baitz Viviani is a Hydrogeologist and Consultant, Partner at Hidrodinamica Consultoria Ltda., based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is a Geologist, with her doctorate in Hydrogeology from the University of São Paulo. She carried out part of her doctorate as a visiting scholar at the University of Waterloo, Canada, where she met Amanda Sills, now Vice President of WWB. Juliana has over 15 years of experience in Hydrogeology both in Brazil and Canada and has always wanted to apply her passion for water and groundwater for the benefit of those without access to clean water and sanitation. She joined WWB recently and expects to do her part to help diminish the distance between drinkable water and people. Juliana brings her extensive expertise in water supply and project management to our organizations and is responsible for the design, implementation, community engagement and sustainable development of all projects in Brazil.

Laura Bachynsky
Fundraising Director

Laura Bachynsky is a Geologist in Training, based out of Toronto. She is a graduate of Memorial University of Newfoundland, with a Bachelors of Science, where she majored in Earth Science. Laura has been volunteering for over fifteen years, for various organizations. Her passion for the environment has led her to Water Without Borders. Laura is passionate about educating others about water issues and hopes to encourage youth to become active volunteers. She plans to organize various fundraising events in the Toronto area and looks forward to helping bring local communities together for an important cause. Laura is responsible for the design, implementation, and coordination of all fundraising events and the management of our fundraising team in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Emily Stahl

Emily joined Water Without Borders in 2017 after learning about all the amazing work the organization does. Emily’s experience has included working with both the private and public sectors. Her current professional experience is focused primarily on integrated water management and conservation of municipal drinking water resources. Emily is a Professional Geoscientist and has a master’s degree in Water Resources Engineering possessing significant government and private consulting experience in integrated water management, water resource planning, associated technical studies and stakeholder engagement processes. As Secretary Emily maintains accurate documentation for the organization and keeps the team members aware of relevant information and meetings.

Bobby Katanchi
Corporate Marketing Director

Bobby is a Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo) with a master’s degree (M.Sc.) in Hydrogeology from the University of Waterloo. Bobby is a Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager with experience conducting hydrogeological investigations, municipal and provincial permitting, environmental contaminant characterization and implementing remedial strategies. Bobby has extensive experience providing technical review and project management services for municipal Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Studies, land development projects, infrastructure construction dewatering, and environmental monitoring and compliance for construction projects. Bobby has during various career-related roles as a Consultant, Researcher, Technical Lead, Hydrogeologist, and Entrepreneur, successfully supervised and managed multiple projects. Bobby is responsible for developing new Corporate relationships and working with our Corporate Donors.

Diana Raquel Sáinz
International Corporate Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Diana’s passion as a humanitarian, her compassion for the well-being of humans and a desire to “make a difference” in this world for those in need has been proven with her 18 years in Healthcare Management, Marketing and Public Relations as well as an Investigative Research Photojournalist. Her motto has always been “Photography With A Cause”. Diana recently joined WWB bringing an extensive International presence in Public Relations and Marketing experience in the fields of not only Healthcare, but in researching, writing, and photographing some of the worlds most contaminated bodies of water that are affecting the lives physically of those living within the areas. Diana has worked and volunteered alongside many international cancer foundations, ambassadors, mayors, city officials and organizations in both the public and private sector not only with the ability and knowledge in healthcare, but her ability to make her voice heard, and educating the public through the media, social media, education, and marketing.


Franklin Evert

Water Without Borders is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization with an international reach, founded in 2008 by Franklin Evert. It was created  from the understanding that the lack of safe drinking water is the leading cause of disease, civil strife, hunger, and birth defects in the world.  Although Franklin passed away in 2015, the Water Without Borders team continues to keep his dream alive by “saving lives, one drop at a time“.

Partner Agencies

DOM Water in Haiti

Groundwater Research Centre – CEPAS University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mennonite Central Relief Committee