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Go Green with WWB and Veridian!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

You may already have heard that we have recently affiliated with this company as a fundraising venture. In a nutshell, this offers everyone the opportunity to (1) reduce their electricity cost, (2) use energy which is greener, and (3) raise money for WWB in the process. If you currently pay one or more electricity bills, your utility company actually encourages you to choose an alternate energy supplier. This is because the law prohibits the utility from making a profit on the actual energy it delivers. Instead, it makes its profit on its delivery and service, NOT on the energy itself. By enrolling with Viridian Energy, your current utility will continue sending you the same single bill, service your account, and provide emergency repair; you’ll likely save approximately 8-10% on the supply portion of your electricity bill; and Water Without Borders will receive approximately $2.00 per month for your Viridian patronage.

In short, nothing changes except you can save money and support both renewable energy and Water Without Borders at the same time. You can enroll your home or business online in less than 3 minutes by following these easy steps:

1. Go to and click on the ‘Become a Customer’ logo located at the top right.
2. Input your zip code, account type, your Electric Utility and Gas Utility (or enter Not Interested in one of the boxes).
3. Select the % of Green Content you prefer.
4. Input your utility account # or PoD # (you may not need to enter the entire account # – directions will appear)
5. Input your name, billing and account addresses, and phone.
6. Read and check the box at the bottom of the “Terms Agreement” scroll box.
7. Sign your E-Signature with the first and last name that you entered earlier during the enrollment process.

Switching is totally free, and you can switch back or to a different energy supplier at any time. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Please tell your family and friends about Viridian Energy, and don’t forget to send them our web link –, or just forward this email to them. They will thank you for years to come, and so will we!

Easy Way To Help Water Without Borders Win $1000. Cash from Good Search

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Please help support Water Without Borders to win $1000 from Good Search.   No one should die from contaminated water in this day and age when solutions are simple.  You can help us earn money for our cause.  Every time you use to search or shop on line, Water Without Borders will earn money.  In the month of April we can win $1000 if we have the most apps downloaded.  You can download our Good App by going