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Request Letter for Water Purification System in Honduras – Amigos de Jesus

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

800 E. Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085
(610) 519-4500

19 February 2010

Dear Mr. Franklin Evert & Water Without Borders,

I am a Junior Civil Engineering major at Villanova University and am currently
involved in a service project with the Villanova University College of
Engineering where 16 students will be designing and implementing a water
purification system for an orphanage community in Honduras called the Amigos de
Jesus.  The Villanova Community has had a
long-standing relationship with the Amigos and has completed a number of
different projects in the 11 years that we have been volunteering there.  This year’s goal is to implement our water
purification system design for their existing distribution system over our
spring break at the end of February.
Currently, the Amigos water supply includes a 100’ deep well from which
groundwater is pumped into four storage tanks.
The cumulative capacity of the four tanks is 2400 gallons fulfilling a
current service demand of approximately 1200 gal/day (services on the average
50 boys, 20 adults, and 10 volunteers).
No means of disinfection or filtration are being used and it is not
uncommon for some of the boys to get sick.
All non-native individuals living or working there are unable to drink
the water.  Our design efforts are
complicated by the fact that we have very little information relative to the
existing water quality; physical and financial resources at the orphanage are
limited; and we have only now one week to secure our materials and one week to
accomplish the installation.  It sounds a
bit daunting, but the potential benefits to the orphanage keep us
motivated.  With the challenges outlined
above in mind, we are planning to keep our initial design as simple as possible
with potential for implementing certain aspects in phases if necessary.

We recently decided that our best hope for constructing an
effective system would be to utilize cartridge filtration and possibly
incorporate disinfection via chlorination.
Our current plan is to install a 5 micron roughing filter and a 1 micron
absolute finishing filter in series.
This arrangement should reduce potential contamination from Giardia,
Cryptosporidium, and other surface water influence that may be present.  Right now we are looking into purchasing “Big
Bubba” cartridge housings and disposable filters for our system.  These units will accommodate flows in the range
of approximately 30 gpm.

So, why
am I writing you to tell you all of this?
As I mentioned earlier, the Amigos have an extremely limited budget,
which inherently restricts what we can do for them.   For instance, the filters that we looked
into are somewhat expensive (approximately $150 each), so the Amigos may not be
able to afford to replace them on a regular basis.  So we are also looking into re-usable
filters.  And these issues go on.  I am sure that your organization has dealt
with these exact types of situations over and over again, and you are most
likely all too familiar with what I am talking about.  So, I am asking you for your help in whatever
shape or form that you can provide.
Whether it is a donation of supplies, ideas, or advice, any assistance
that you may be able to provide to our project would be greatly appreciated.  Also, any help you are able to give will be
recognized by the University and posted on our web page.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
questions concerning the trip or if you would like to contact either of the
Professors overseeing this project.  I
have included their contact information below.
Also, feel free to take a look at our website Amigos de Jesus, which
is still under construction but available to view.  Thank you for taking the time to learn a
little about what we are trying to do, and I look forward to hearing back from
you soon.


Warmest Regards,


Christian Ryan Paggi





Andrea L. Welker, PhD, PE

Associate Professor

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Villanova University

610-519-4959 (phone)


Bridget Wadzuk, PhD

Assistant Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Villanova University

610-519-5365 (phone)



Request Letter English for Batome School in Togo, Africa

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Below is a letter from
the students of the Batome School in Togo Africa. We translated it from French
and tried to keep it as original as possible.


Association of


November 6, 2011

EPP Batome



Financial help for the
construction of water and sanitary latrines for EPP Batome


We, students of Batome
Primary school by this, are requesting from you

financial support for the construction of a
drinking water well and

sanitation at our school.

In effect, the Batome Primary School was founded
in 1984.

To now we are a total number of 583 students
including 321 girls and 262

boys. Our school does not have hygiene facilities
and clean water.

We come to school with cans of water to
drink. We go the the nearby houses to

satisfy our sanitary needs.

Many of our comrades
leave school because of lack of clean water and

sanitation.  All this is not conducive
to our success in school, why we make this


We ask you to please accept the assurances of our
highest consideration.

God bless you

The Students of EPP BatomeHO









Request Letter in French

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

le 06 Novembre2012

Association des élèves

EPP Batomé

Lomé- Togo

Messieurs les partenaires

S/Cde ONG AED-Togo

Objet : Demande de soutien
financier pour

la construction d’un puits d’eau et de sanitaire

à EPP Batomé


Messieurs les partenaires,

Nous élèves de EPP Batomé venons par
la présente solliciter auprès de vous un appui financier pour la construction
d’un point d’eau potable e de sanitaire dans notre école.

En effet, l’EPP Batomé est créée en
1984 et compte en ce jour un effectif de 583 élèves  dont 321 filles et 262 garçons. Elle n’a pas
de sanitaire ni un puits ou un point d’eau. Nous venons à l’école avec des
bidons d’eau pour boire. Nous courons
dans des maisons voisines pour satisfaire nos besoins  sanitaires.
Plusieurs de nos camarades abandonnent l’école à cause du manque d’eau
potable et du sanitaire. Pour cela ne favorise notre réussite à l’école, raison
pour laquelle nous faisons cette demande.
Nous vous prions de bien vouloir accepter l’assurance de notre considération
Que Dieu vous bénisse.
Les élèves EPP Batomé

Invitation for “Drop in the Bucket” Event

Sunday, February 5th, 2012


Please join us for our Third Annual Fundraising Auction “A Drop in
the Bucket”
event to be held March 30, 2012 at 6:30 pm at The Villa
Borghese, 70 Widmer Road in Wappingers Falls, N.Y. The cost per ticket is $50.

This event will feature silent and live auction items, cocktail hour, hearty
appetizers and other surprises.  Here is just a sample of some of the
great items up for auction this year :  7 night stay at Cima del Mundo in
Vieques,  PR.(blackout days apply) ,
humidor  with cigars, a ton of gift
certificates from local Restaurants,
golf from Copake Golf Course, 4-pak of tickets and one person in the
group can toss out a first pitch from the Renegades, signed football memorabilia.


By attending our Third Annual Drop
in the Bucket
Fundraising Auction, you will help Water Without Borders
provide sustainable sources of clean drinking water to people in
need—domestically and internationally—in two primary ways:


  • Mission Awareness. Our mission begins
    with informing those interested in making a meaningful difference of the
    importance and need for clean and uncontaminated drinking water. Water in
    not only a life sustaining necessity, but crucial to preventing many of the
    world’s problems such as famine and disease…


  • Mission Accomplishment. The proceeds from
    this event will be utilized in the following ways:
  • digging
  • installing
    water purification systems
  • providing
    disaster relief trailers


Without your support we would not be able to help as many as
we have.  Thank you!!

Your friend,




Using a Trademark Actively

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

A business that claims to own a trademark cannot stop others from using the same
or a similar trademark unless it is actively using the trademark.

In trademark law, “using” a trademark means putting it to work in the
marketplace to identify goods or services. This doesn’t mean that the product
or service actually has to be sold, as long as it is legitimately offered to
the public under the trademark in question.