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Friday, April 6th, 2012

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Monday, December 27th, 2010

Hello friends and family,

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Holidays are special time of year to be with those you love, you really feel it when they are not around. I enjoyed my Thanksgiving with family and friends, although this was the first holiday without my father who passed away earlier this year. Needless to say it was real tough and Christmas will be tougher.  Why am I getting so personal and telling you this? Let me share a little with you about my recent trip to Haiti.

I was in Haiti for 2 weeks and I saw a lot of disturbing things. The capital is still a mess. There is over 1 million people still living in tents. And now there is a Cholera outbreak that has claimed hundreds of lives. Some of these lives that were lost were those of fathers. I know my father got the best health care we could give him and I still feel like we should have done more. How do you think the people of Haiti feel after losing a loved one? They are people just like you and me.  They probably feel even worse due to the fact their loved one died from dirty water…. This is not acceptable to me and shouldn’t be to you either. Did you know for about $5 per month, you could help buy a sand filter? One of the sand filters can serve up to ten people. Come on people think about it $55 can save a life. What a small price to pay for avoiding sickness and death.  

Although Water Without Borders is a fairly young nonprofit organization, we have enjoyed great success in our mission of providing potable water in areas of crisis. Already we have seen modest yet effective successes in our efforts in saving lives. Most people do not know that over 4,000 children die daily from unsafe drinking water around the world.  I know how much I miss my dad, I could not even imagine losing my son to a preventable disease such as Cholera. It is our mission to provide clean water to wherever it is needed; whether it be here domestically in the US or internationally. This holiday season please consider saving a life.  Help us make a difference one drop at a time 

Your friend,


Franklin Evert—President