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Water Without Borders is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed to providing safe drinking water to the world's citizens, wherever they may be. Water Without Borders is equally committed to respecting the environmental impact our efforts cause in the areas we operate.

Water Without Borders is committed to supplying clean drinking water to the world’s citizens. Water is not a privilege it is a necessity. That is why Water Without Borders will research different communities across the globe to determine where we can make the biggest impact. This may be accomplished by any number of ways. It may be as simple as delivering bottled water, or installing a state of the art, water treatment plant, which would serve as more of a long term solution. We are not only equipped to travel to emerging countries, but we also have our resources in place here in the United States in case of an emergency. We will be ready for any kind of disaster:  floods, earthquakes, hurricanes. We would also be able to facilitate clean drinking water in the event of a manmade disaster.

Water without Borders has a talented network of individuals who are committed to carrying out the companies’ goals of
bringing everyone clean drinking water. There is a system of companies in place that will help carry out this mission. Our
resources can accomplish any water project we encounter, whether it be drilling wells, laying new water mains, or installing
water plants. That is just a few of the things Water without Borders can do.

Water Without Borders' goal is to have a disaster relief trailer that can reach most places in the country within 24 hours.
This equipment will be a large part of our organization. With this trailer we will be able to bring relief to those in need
within minutes of arriving on the site. We cannot be biased to any one method of water filtration. We understand that
we may need to install an under the counter filtering system, a charcoal filter, or even a simple sand system. There are
many different ways to purify and provide potable water. Water Without Borders will not jeopardize the success of any
project because of the cost. One can’t put a price on the value of a life. We will complete each project with the utmost
professionalism, and will do whatever it takes to provide the best solution for any situation.

Ultimately, the cost of a solution will benefit all of humanity. Water Without Borders will complete the project as though
it is for someone from our family.

Water Without Borders was founded by Franklin Evert, a lifelong resident of Dutchess County, New York. Following a
series of medical misdiagnoses, Franklin was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative ocular disease. This
condition left him legally blind at the age of 20. While many people afflicted with this life-altering event would find cause
to lower their expectations of life. Franklin is not one of those people. While working at an international water filtration
company, Franklin not only learned the finer points of running an international business, he also learned of the desperate
need that much of the world has for safe, clean and accessible water. He learned of the birth defects and digestive
disorders caused by unsafe water supplies. He also learned about the negative social and political ramifications brought
on by unsafe water supplies in emerging countries. Since Franklin felt he had the ability to do something to alleviate the
suffering caused by contaminated water supplies, he felt the moral obligation to do so. Franklin founded Water Without

One of the problems Franklin experienced while working in the water purification field was the environmental consequences
left by many water purification systems. His desire was to employ a water purification system that had minimal impact on the existing environment. Franklin rejected the "one-size-fits-all" approach he had seen other well-meaning but marginally
effective organizations take in their attempt to address the world’s need for safe water. Consequently, with Water Without Borders, Franklin utilized a "need-specific" approach. Franklin strongly believed the best solution for a refugee containment facility in sub-Sahara Africa afflicted with dysentery may not be the best solution for a community in the Southeast United
States devastated by hurricane.

In an effort to develop a rapid-response solution for areas stricken by natural disaster, Water Without Borders teamed up
with select contractors who have developed a mobile purification system for potable water. This system, contained in a 35
foot trailer, was designed for the most adverse conditions and still has the capability to provide up to 100 gallons of potable
water per minute. The trailer, which can operate in a stand-alone environment or supplement an existing water system that
is failing, can arrive just about anywhere in the United States within 24 hours.

Another problem Franklin experienced was the reluctance of many existing companies, profit and nonprofit alike, to take
their services into dangerous environments - regions that posed risks to individuals because of environmental or human
hazards. Unfortunately, these areas have the greatest need for safe and accessible water. Likewise, the absence of safe
water in these areas often contributes to the environmental and human hazards of the area. It was a destructive cycle.
Without access to the fundamental building blocks of a society such as clean water and sanitation, a society remains in
a perpetual state of economic depression and lawlessness. Areas that are economically depressed and lawless do not
attract investment or aid resulting in further economic depression and lawlessness.

To break this cycle, Franklin needed a special team of individuals who shared his vision. Vilai Bouttaphom and Larry
were invited to join the team. At their core, these men shared Franklin's passion to make a positive impact in
the less fortunate areas of the world. With a combined background in military special operations, personal protection,
internet technology, disaster response, and construction, there was no place on earth Water Without Borders could not
operate. Water Without Borders could now carry out its mission in the most humble or hostile areas of the world—the
places where many wish to help but few will.

If you are interested in finding out how you can contribute to our cause or become part of the Water Without Borders
team, please contact Frank Evert.

We must never believe that diversity is a weakness—it is our greatest strength. Bill Clinton

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